Sep 112012

Air Ambulance Arrives at North Bay Regional Health Centre

 Air Ambulance at North Bay

An Ornge AgustaWestland AW139 Air ambulance arrives at the pad next to the new North Bay Regional Health Centre in North Bay ON.  Ornge is operated by the Provincial government with a mandate to provide ambulance service to remote areas of the province.  According to their web site :  …………

“Transport medicine is about delivering specialized medical care in a mobile environment. It could be a fixed-wing (airplane) or rotor-wing (helicopter) aircraft, or land transport. Transport medicine is the connective tissue for the hospital system – it links hospitals together enabling access to specialized care for the people of Ontario. Ornge transport medicine paramedics and paediatric transport paramedics are trained to provide care for critically ill or injured patients outside the traditional bricks and mortar of a hospital. They are experienced and highly trained in providing specialized care to patients in the medical transport environment – our virtual hospital.”

On the date and time of this post they had transported 51 patients with the longest trip being 576 statute miles and 17,509 statute miles flown on September 10,2012.  I captured this image of the air ambulance with my cell phone on December 7, 2011 about 10 am.

Side Note: On Saturday December 29th, 2007, I had a heart attack.  I was treated at North Bay Civic Hospital with a clot buster which proved ineffective.  Being New Years weekend there were few land based ambulances and fewer air ambulances available for patient transfer to Sudbury where they do heart stent placements.  My doc had to charter a fixed wing aircraft on Sunday the 30th to transport me from North Bay to Sudbury.  My ICU nurse had to fly with me to monitor and keep me stable.  I certainly will never forget the whole experience.


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