Fall Foliage in North Bay

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Oct 032012

Fall Foliage – a Drive Through the Leaves

Its fall foliage time of the year again and all the trees here in the north of Ontario are in their glory.  I took a drive around the city the other day and made some images of the leaves in their red, orange and yellow colours.  Since fall is by far my favorite time of the year – no bugs, much lower humidity, dryer ground – I tend to spend many of my waking hours outdoors, even if its just sitting on the front porch.  Photographing foliage in the city is a treat.  You can shoot right through the open window of your car or park and walk the block.  Shooting from your car allows you to cover more ground in a shorter time frame but walking the block gets you into the leaves.  I prefer a combination of both.

The following links open in a new window / tab.  To understand more about why leaves change colour, please click here.  The bright reds and purples in Maples come from the glucose trapped in the leaves.  The browns in Oak trees comes from waste trapped in the leaves.  This is a simplified description of the process so visit the site above for the full explanation.

To view fall colour reports for Ontario, click here.   Although peak times change from year to year, North Bay and area usually peaks during the first week in October.  This can change quickly due to a heavy rain or a very gusty day.

For a very nice tutorial on how to photograph fall foliage by our friends at The Photo Argus titled “A Detailed Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage “, click here.  And finally, play the short video below for an explanation of the fall foliage setting on your digital camera.



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