Fall Foliage in North Bay

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Oct 032012

Fall Foliage – a Drive Through the Leaves

Its fall foliage time of the year again and all the trees here in the north of Ontario are in their glory.  I took a drive around the city the other day and made some images of the leaves in their red, orange and yellow colours.  Since fall is by far my favorite time of the year – no bugs, much lower humidity, dryer ground – I tend to spend many of my waking hours outdoors, even if its just sitting on the front porch.  Photographing foliage in the city is a treat.  You can shoot right through the open window of your car or park and walk the block.  Shooting from your car allows you to cover more ground in a shorter time frame but walking the block gets you into the leaves.  I prefer a combination of both.

The following links open in a new window / tab.  To understand more about why leaves change colour, please click here.  The bright reds and purples in Maples come from the glucose trapped in the leaves.  The browns in Oak trees comes from waste trapped in the leaves.  This is a simplified description of the process so visit the site above for the full explanation.

To view fall colour reports for Ontario, click here.   Although peak times change from year to year, North Bay and area usually peaks during the first week in October.  This can change quickly due to a heavy rain or a very gusty day.

For a very nice tutorial on how to photograph fall foliage by our friends at The Photo Argus titled “A Detailed Guide to Photographing Fall Foliage “, click here.  And finally, play the short video below for an explanation of the fall foliage setting on your digital camera.



All photos are the copyrighted works of Carlton McEachern.  For terms of use see the “Terms of Use Page“.

Student Block Party In Downtown North Bay

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Sep 162012

Student Block Party

A student block party for new Canadore College and Nipissing University students was held on Main Street Saturday, September 15th.  The Downtown student block party featured sumo wrestling in inflatable sumo suits, buskers, basketball and road hockey tournaments, scavenger hunts, scooter competitions and other activities.  The event kicked off at 11 a.m. and was well attended despite the threatening skies.  Several of the local media reported on the story with pictures.   You can check out The Nugget or the images on Canadore’s Facebook Page.

For a little history on the block party and student block party I have included this snippet from WikiPedia at  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_party:

A block party is a large public party in which many members of a single neighbourhood congregate, either to observe an event of some importance or simply for mutual enjoyment. The name comes from the form of the party, which often involves closing an entire city block to vehicle traffic. Many times, there will be a celebration in the form of playing music and dance and activities like pony rides, inflatable slides, pop corn machines and BBQs. Block parties gained popularity in the United States during the 1970s. Block parties were often held outdoors and power for the DJ’s sound system was taken illegally from street lights. This was famously referenced in the song “South Bronx” by KRS-One with the line “Power from a street light made the place dark. But yo, they didn’t care, they turned it out.”

Block parties are reported as a World War I innovation originating from the East Side of New York City, where an entire block was roped off and patriotic songs sung and a parade held to honor the members of that block who had gone off to war.  Traditionally, many inner city block parties were actually held illegally, because they did not file for an event permit from the local authorities “if needed”. However, police turned a blind eye to them.

In the suburbs, block parties are commonly held on holidays such as Fourth of July or Labor Day. Sometimes the occasion may be a theme such a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” for a new family or a recent popular movie. Often block parties involve barbecuing, lawn games such as Simon Says and group dancing such as the Electric Slide, the Macarena or line dancing. In many small towns, the local fire department may also participate in the party, bringing out trucks that they display for show.

The British equivalent is the street party.

In other usage, a block party has come to mean any informal public celebration. For example, a block party can be conducted via television even though there is no real block in the observance. The same is true for the Internet.

Air Ambulance in North Bay

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Sep 112012

Air Ambulance Arrives at North Bay Regional Health Centre

 Air Ambulance at North Bay

An Ornge AgustaWestland AW139 Air ambulance arrives at the pad next to the new North Bay Regional Health Centre in North Bay ON.  Ornge is operated by the Provincial government with a mandate to provide ambulance service to remote areas of the province.  According to their web site :  http://www.ornge.ca  …………

“Transport medicine is about delivering specialized medical care in a mobile environment. It could be a fixed-wing (airplane) or rotor-wing (helicopter) aircraft, or land transport. Transport medicine is the connective tissue for the hospital system – it links hospitals together enabling access to specialized care for the people of Ontario. Ornge transport medicine paramedics and paediatric transport paramedics are trained to provide care for critically ill or injured patients outside the traditional bricks and mortar of a hospital. They are experienced and highly trained in providing specialized care to patients in the medical transport environment – our virtual hospital.”

On the date and time of this post they had transported 51 patients with the longest trip being 576 statute miles and 17,509 statute miles flown on September 10,2012.  I captured this image of the air ambulance with my cell phone on December 7, 2011 about 10 am.

Side Note: On Saturday December 29th, 2007, I had a heart attack.  I was treated at North Bay Civic Hospital with a clot buster which proved ineffective.  Being New Years weekend there were few land based ambulances and fewer air ambulances available for patient transfer to Sudbury where they do heart stent placements.  My doc had to charter a fixed wing aircraft on Sunday the 30th to transport me from North Bay to Sudbury.  My ICU nurse had to fly with me to monitor and keep me stable.  I certainly will never forget the whole experience.


Classic Car Motorcycle Show – Cruisin Downtown 2012

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Sep 022012

Classic Car Motorcycle Show

Classic Car Motorcycle Show

Cruisin Downtown 2012


Classic Car Motorcycle Show

The May 12th classic car motorcycle show event drew thousands over a 4 block area of downtown North Bay, Ontario.  This years 4th annual rally saw more entrants than ever taking part.  I sure had a good time.  Click the image to see the rest of the photo gallery.

For Cruisin News at other cities, check out some of these classic car and motorcycle shows: Toms River with a way cool home page;  Brandon Manitoba; and  Cruisin on King Street Kitchener; and last but not least Cruisin Broadway Downtown Fargo.

So what exactly is a classic car.  There is some disagreement on the exact definition as this stub from Wikipedia demonstrates:

United States legal definition

Legally, most states have time-based rules for the definition of “classic” for purposes such as antique vehicle registration; for example, Most states define it as “A motor vehicle, but not a reproduction thereof, manufactured at least 20 years prior to the current year which has been maintained in or restored to a condition which is substantially in conformity with manufacturer specifications and appearance.”

Despite this, at many American classic car shows, automobiles typically range from the thirties to sixties. Examples of cars at such shows include the Chevrolet Bel-Air, Ford T-Bucket, Dodge Charger, Chevrolet , and 1949 Ford. Meanwhile, the Concours D’Elegance car shows feature prestigious automobiles such as the Cadillac V16 or pre-1940 Rolls-Royce models. “Classic” cars at these shows seldom go beyond 1972. Any cars from 1973 onward are defined as “modern customs”, “exotics”, or “collectibles”. For interest, cars such as the AMC Gremlin or Ford Pinto may be exhibited.

Americans are divided on the exact era in which a “classic car” can be identified. Many Americans divide automobiles by separate eras: horseless carriages (19th century experimental automobiles such as the Daimler Motor Carriage), antique cars (brass era cars such as the Ford Model T), and classic cars (typically 1930s cars such as the Cord 812 through the end of the muscle car period in the 1970s). The late seventies are disputed as being “classics”, as the oil crisis of 1973 brought several now-infamous cars such as the Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin. The 1980s are often viewed as the early modern period due to the rise of Japanese automakers such as Toyota and Nissan. Automotive design also declined dramatically by 1989, leaving many automobiles identical to one another.